Green Buddhist Kitchen. Going Green and Going Home


What does it mean when Buddhists go green? We got onto this topic while sharing lunch after our last Monthly Practice Day. Very quickly it became clear that “going green” in a Buddhist context means different things to different people.


Refraining from doing harm can mean going vegetarian, or vegan. Other practitioners say that, for them, “going green” has more to do with reducing, reusing, and recycling kitchen materials so they don’t become landfill waste, or making an effort to conserve cooking water. If you feel good about going green where and how do you do it — in the kitchen, in the garden, at the farmer’s market, out by the compost pile? We’d like to hear from you about it.


Do you have a brilliant artwork co-created by the children of our sangha, perhaps a mandala of “going green” imagery mixed with images of our sangha working together to set up a composting station in the kitchen garden? Have you been taking great photos of your vegetarian creations? Now’s the time to share them — along with the recipes, of course.


Share with us wherever you hang out online. Make a video of you singing “Green Compassion’s the Latest Fashion” and post it on our Facebook page. Or collect your best “Green Streets” photojournalistic pics, post them on Twitpic or Slideshare, then send us the link on Twitter. Point us to your Pinterest page decked with images of Buddhist Gardens of the SF/Bay Area. Or you could just post a green link right here on your local blog. The idea is to have fun remembering our aspiration to take care of the Earth and to live nonviolently, while celebrating our mindful activity expressing that aspiration. Jump in!



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